Using iPhone Shortcuts to build a better timer

Creating a timer app inspired by the Apple Watch

analog timer with 14 minutes remaining My wife and I set lots of timers. Timers for cooking, timers for the laundry, timers for pour over coffee, timers to remind us that our daughter has been watching tv too long and needs to go to bed, and many more. While it’s not exactly difficult to set a timer on my iPhone, I wanted a shortcut to speed up the process.

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Mobile Verification Toolkit

Testing Amnesty International's forensic tools

MVT logo
After the incredible investigation by the journalists associated with the Pegasus project, I got super interested in the Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) released by the Amnesty International Security Lab. I’m definitely not deluded enough to think I’m important enough to be targeted, but I did want to try the tool.

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