Using iPhone Shortcuts to build a better timer

Creating a timer app inspired by the Apple Watch

analog timer with 14 minutes remaining My wife and I set lots of timers. Timers for cooking, timers for the laundry, timers for pour over coffee, timers to remind us that our daughter has been watching tv too long and needs to go to bed, and many more. While it’s not exactly difficult to set a timer on my iPhone, I wanted a shortcut to speed up the process.

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Using Homebridge to turn down my soundbar

How I stopped waking up my daughter when I turned on my Sonos

Homebridge Logo I have a Sonos Playbar connected to my TV. The living room TV is right under my daughter’s bedroom. If I forget to turn down the volume, the Playbar can be loud enough to wake her up when I turn on the TV. Using Homebridge and some iOS Home app automations, I was able to prevent this.

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AI Powered Note Taking


Notebook We’ve all been there

Running a meeting and taking notes the traditional way is tough. You’re sharing a demo with your computer, taking notes in a paper notebook, asking people to repeat themselves to write it all down. Maybe you’re sharing your screen and furiously flipping between your browser tabs to show the web app and take notes in a Google Doc.

There has to be a better way!

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