Siri Activated Apple TV Sleep Timer

It really shouldn't be this hard

Apple TV logo with a sleeping face emoji I recently added an Apple TV to my bedroom TV. The Apple TV interface is so much better than the ten year old LG Smart TV software. The one issue I have is using the sleep timer. When the TV’s sleep timer turns off the TV, it doesn’t always stop the Apple TV. This led me to look into Apple TV sleep timer options.

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Using iPhone Shortcuts to build a better timer

Creating a timer app inspired by the Apple Watch

analog timer with 14 minutes remaining My wife and I set lots of timers. Timers for cooking, timers for the laundry, timers for pour over coffee, timers to remind us that our daughter has been watching tv too long and needs to go to bed, and many more. While it’s not exactly difficult to set a timer on my iPhone, I wanted a shortcut to speed up the process.

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