Booting up a vintage eMate 300

Way back in 1997, Apple released a device way ahead of it's time.

emate 300
If I described an Apple device with a touchscreen, stylus, handwriting recognition and a keyboard, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I was talking about an iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro, released in 2015, was not Apple’s first device with all those features. Way back in 1997, Apple released the eMate 300. The eMate had a beautiful 6.8 inch touch screen that could display 16 different shades of gray. With it’s clamshell design, the eMate 300 is Apple’s only touch screen laptop.

Building on my experience connecting a QuickTake 100, connecting the eMate was a little easier than I expected. Rebuilding the battery, on the other hand, was a little more challenging.

In this project

  1. Made a new battery pack
  2. Found the right cables, adapters and software to connect the eMate to MacBook Pro
  3. Uploaded new applications to run on the eMate’s Newton OS

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