Time Blocking

More focused use of my time

What is Time Blocking?

"Time blocking is the practice of scheduling out everything in your entire day, including meals, work projects and personal time in order to better manage time and discover where precious hours are either being wasted or underutilized."

The Plan

Schedule a bunch of mini projects throughout my day

  • No more than one hour per item
  • Pre-plan what I'm going to do for each hour
  • Track my distractions
iPhone calendar

Speak of the devil...

Jessica Brooks used to schedule her day this way

She inspired me to try time blocking. Conveniently, when I added a new calendar to track my tasks, our one on one reappeared on my calendar (several times).

Doing the work

The Good

I had to ok with good enough

I limited myself to an hour per task, so I had to really be judicious with what I tried to learn or do with each task.

I was less prone to distractions

Because it was constantly the eleventh hour, I think I was more focused than I would have been otherwise.

The Bad

It was a grind

I didn't plan in enough time for breaks. I jumped from one task to the next, and I could imagine it would be grueling if I did this everyday.

Hard to estimate one hour of my real work

Most of my day to day work requires a lot more thought, and it would take time to really figure out what I could realistically do in an hour.

Live Demos

  • Photoshop - Content Aware Fill
  • After Effects - Content Aware Fill
  • Alfred - Clipboard History and Asana Workflow
  • Apple Script - Zoom Muting
  • Better Touch Tool
  • Brad Pitt or Lasers

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